AIMS Cameroon on Wednesday June 20th 2018, proudly graduated its 5th Cohort of students at the Limbe City Council Hall. Under the patronage of the minister of higher education, 36 brilliant students from 14 African countries were conferred degrees in Mathematical sciences with overall best being a Cameroonian Female.

The ceremony saw the presence of guest speaker, Barrister Nico Halle, a peace crusader and human right activist, The Secretary General of the Minister of Higher Education, Prof. Wilfred Nyongbe Gabsa, Government Delegate of the Limbe City Council, Mr. Motanga Andrew Mojimba, Vice Chancellor of the University of Buea and President of the AIMS Cameroon Advisory Council, Prof Horace Ngomo Manga.

Also in attendance was the President of AIMS Cameroon, Prof Mama Foupouagnigni, AIMS Cameroon’s C.O.O, Mary Bernadette Fultang, AIMS’ Academic Director, Prof. Marco Garuti, AIM’s Research Chair, Prof. Gisele Mouphou, AIMS visiting lecturer, Tutors and Staff.

With a room full of guests, the ceremony started at 10:30am with a procession by graduands and the singing of the national anthem. A warm welcome address followed from the Government delegate of the Limbe City Council who assured AIMS of the unending support of the Limbe City and its council.  Another welcome address was delivered by the C.O.O. who expressed pride as she congratulated the students on an excellent job. To crown her speech, she baptized them as ‘The phoenix Batch’.

Barrister Nico Halle, guest speaker, took the floor and spoke on the theme “Moral Integrity”. ‘Academics without integrity means training academic devils’, Nico Halle quotes. He extended respect to the president of the AIMS network, Mr. Thierry Zoumahoun and to AIMS Cameroon’s president, Prof. Mama, for their confidence, devotion and commitment in creating and standing by such a great initiative. Barrister Nico Halle wishes the graduates uphold peace as a driving force as they return to their respective destinations.

The Academic Director of AIMS Cameroon, Prof. Marco Garuti was at this point introduced. He recapped the long journey made during the year from the academic point of view. He expressed fulfilment as he announced 9 students with distinctions out of 36 as opposed to 4 out of 46 last academic year. Degrees were then awarded to students in order of merit and a graduation ritual performed by the Center President, officially pronouncing them 2018 graduates of AIMS Cameroon.

Queen of the day, Ms. Maryse Manuella Moutamal, AIMS Cameroon’s 2018 best and Overall best female, gave a heartfelt valedictory address. Speaking on behalf of all, she extended gratitude to tutors, lecturers, administrators, and above all the Cameroon government for making their stay a success.

Dr. Woldegabriel Assefa Woldgerima, an AIMS Cameroon alumnus who recently obtained a doctorate degree from the University of Buea, Cameroon, acted as a voice of encouragement to the fresh Alumni. Using his AIMS journey as reference, he reminded them to always have diverse minds and be open to new opportunities.  This was followed by a word from a representative of one of AIMS’ main external funders, The Master Card Foundation.

Gifts in the form of laptops, cash prizes and a job offer were handed to exceptional students and tutors, thanks to Zenith Insurance, the Limbe City Council, UBA bank, Group one holding, Mr. Teboh George, Mr. Emmanuel Burnley and Aims Cameroon.

Prof. Mama took the floor and provided info about AIMS, Mathematics, the usefulness of mathematics, AIMS achievements, the next step and words of advice to graduates. Moving on, he spoke about mathematics in terms of public perception. ‘Instead of perceiving mathematics as an abstract field, we should realize mathematics is human culture. Mathematics is a tool box for solving our daily life problems’ he emphasized.

The vice Chancellor of the University of Buea and Chair of the AIMS Advisory council, Prof. Horace Ngomo Manga, also offered words of courage to the fresh graduates.

Graduates did not part ways without receiving words of congratulations and encouragements from AIMS Founder, Prof. Neil Turok and AIMS president and CEO, Thierry Zomahoun.

To close the event, Prof. Wilfred Gabsa, Secretary General of the Minister of Higher Education, delivered a keynote address on behalf of the Minister of Higher Education. In his speech, he promised to address the issue of less female mathematics tutors and lecturers raised by the Queen of the day.