AIMS TTP this September 14, began its first workshop in a series of eighteen (18) programmed for the 2020-2021 training Season. The workshop that lasted six days, hosted 51 secondary school Mathematics Teachers from 44 public and private schools in the Centre Region.

Cross section of In-service teachers at the sixth AIMS-TTP Workshop Yaoundé

This workshop is the sixth AIMS-TTP In-service teacher workshop to take place in Yaounde. In the light of Learning and Teaching Mathematics Differently, these teachers have acquired Skills Knowledge and Attitudes (SKA) that give them the competencies needed to prepare and deliver engaging, participatory and innovative Maths lessons that are inclusive and gender-sensitive.

Workshop Participants during Lesson Preparations session

The Workshop precedes the maiden session of AIMS-TTP workshop with In-Service Secondary School Mathematics Teachers from Noun Division in the West Region of Cameroon scheduled to run from the 21st to the 26th of September 2020.

Opening Ceremony of Maiden AIMS-TTP In-service Teachers Workshop in Foumban

The participants had the opportunity to practice innovative pedagogic strategies and share approaches to classroom and student management, amongst many other topics.  The goal was to help them adopt methods that will better motivate and engage their students into learning Mathematics and applying what they learn to help find solutions to the challenges facing our society.

AIMS-Cameroon TTP workshops serve as a facilitating ground for interactions between participants and other Mathematics teachers and students, who also come together to learn and share new skills on the TTP virtual space: Community of Practice (CoP) on (, and the E-learning platform (