A batch of 38 in-service Mathematics teachers, comprising 6 female from the Littoral and South West Regions participating in the 26th AIMS Teacher Training Program (TTP) workshop in Limbe from 11th to 14th November 2020, have been trained to design simple lesson activities using locally available materials in the teaching and learning of mathematics. In one of the engaging sessions, Master Trainers edified the trainees on the conception and implementation of several activities to facilitate the understanding of lessons in areas like the expansion of algebraic binomial, the factorisation of quadratic trinomial and the difference between two squares, among others.

An important highlight of the session was the making of the icosahedrons which in geometry is a polyhedron with 20 faces. Using 30 rolled paper sticks made from strings and used paper, each of the seven groups of trainees raced against the others to produce 6 rhombuses with 5 paper sticks for each one, before laying them out in a prescribed layout pattern and tying the shapes together to make one icosahedron per group. At the end of the activity, each group celebrated its icosahedron and acknowledged how thrilling and exciting the activity was, promising to take the activity to their classrooms.

From the session, the trainees learnt that well-conceived activities will make the teaching and learning of most mathematical concepts more interesting and meaningful to learners. These teachers have been advised by their Master Trainers to provide their students with an environment containing the best materials for learning. In such an environment, they insisted, teachers should observe and plan while the students experience and discover. This, they held, is what makes mathematics lively rather than being dull and abstract. Active learning strategies if employed in mathematics lessons would bring about greater achievement of students in Mathematics and ensure the realization of the objectives of mathematics in schools; they concluded. Consequently, this will meet AIMS TTP’s workshop goal to equip the teachers with new techniques to teach Mathematics differently and boost classroom performances.

Group prepares 30 paper sticks for its rhombuses

Group starts assembling paper sticks to build rhombuses 

Rhombuses pattern completed

Groups celebrate successful construction of icosahedrons using 30 rolled paper sticks each.