After attending an AIMS TTP training workshop in Yaounde, Mathematics teachers guide their students to understanding and building shapes for development purposes. 

Mathematics Teachers acquiring skills on Conception of Lesson Activities during AIMS TTP Training workshop 

 Using new methods of learning and teaching mathematics differently, the skills acquired by Mathematics teachers are not limited to the training periods. This is evident from the outputs realized as trained Mathematics teachers return to their classrooms and apply the Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes obtained during training. Djontu Tajouo François, of Lycée Classique de Dschang, is a fine example. After identifying the challenging economic status of some of his students and applying the principles of Inclusion, he has guided them to produce Mathematics kits for themselves. All his students will now be able to fully participate in the Mathematics lessons and activities.  

Form 4 Students of Lycée Classique de Dschang

 Mathematics kits produced by students on the picture Left.

The proof of development remains embedded in the beauty of substantial outputs which take different shapes and if Africa must develop, an accurate understanding of constructing each shape in Mathematics is therefore a way forward to realizing the development for Africa by Africans, the ultimate goal of AIMS.