During the training workshop that ended this November 14th at Lycée General Leclerc in Yaounde, amongst the participants was a nursing mother who not only fully participated in all activities, but also emerged with the highest score on the final evaluation of the workshop for in-service Mathematics teachers from the South Region.
Talking to Piam Sabine, to know if she felt totally involved throughout the entire training, she expressed lots of satisfaction to have participated effectively. She said being there with her baby did not hinder her participation in any way and went forth to encourage her fellow Mathematics teachers to never feel limited to undergo such an enriching training program; because of any maternal duties or challenging situations they might find themselves in.

Piam Sabine, Best Participant, Nursing Mother.

The objective of AIMS TTP Trainings is to be able to affect the lives of over 2 million Cameroonian students and to encourage them to study and apply mathematics, thus facilitating Africa’s development. Hence, their mathematics teachers who are the roots of the evolution must feel included, despite the challenges related to gender.
It is worth noting that AIMS TTP in partnership with Mastercard Foundation and the Government of Cameroon has over the past 5 years been encouraging female participation during training workshops, by ensuring they can pay full attention at the training workshops while their babies are catered for at close range.

Female Mathematics Teachers with Babies Trained in Ebolowa in 2019