AIMS TTP in partnership with Mastercard Foundation and the Government of Cameroon continues to train in-service secondary school mathematics teachers with new methods of adapting and teaching with the aim of demystifying Mathematics: the wheel of Africa’s development. As more mathematics teachers across the national territory receive training amidst the Coronavirus crisis, TTP Cameroon has not relented in its efforts to maintain a COVID-free and healthy world.


As in all TTP training workshops held so far for the academic year 2020/2021, the 13th and 14th training workshops organized in Yaoundé and Limbe this week, Monday 23rd to 28th November, all participants, Master Trainers, and TTP staff emphasize the wearing of face masks, the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers and respect for physical distancing as top priority.


Picture Left: Trainees during 1stworkshop training observing preventative measures;Right: 13th workshop training in COVID-19 period.

Although the workshops involve Group Work, TTP Cameroon fights against COVID-19, by ensuring the use of large halls, spaced-out chairs. 

In addition, during meals where the use of face masks is not quite evident, TTP Cameroon uses an open space environment to remain as safe as possible.

Open air Restaurant for TTP trainees.

Trainees keep their distance during meals.

Trainees remain conscious of the rules spelled out to this effect, and this explains why the facemasksarean indelible password for them. The training venues are equally chosen with consideration of constant running water taps at the disposal of the Mathematics teachers. Moreover, the presence of health personnel throughout the day at the training venues ensures thattrainees remain healthy and fit for the training.

Trainees maintaining physical distancing during registration process.

Since the first quarter of 2020, the execution of many activities worldwide has been put to question due to the COVID-19 health pandemic. Thus, TTP Cameroon’s resumption of activities is a brave step, which warrants all its efforts being put on deck to ensure healthy conditions for the training participants, and the world. While TTP Cameroon believes in learning and teaching Mathematics differently, the program is also conscious that a healthy teacher is a productive teacher!