After visiting the AIMS-Cameroon Center of Excellence in Limbe on Tuesday, November 12th, 2020, the Canadian High Commissioner to Cameroon, His Excellency Richard Bale, paid a visit to AIMS TTP Cameroon in Yaoundé on Tuesday, November 24th to view for himself the efforts and training methodologies utilized by AIMS TTP Cameroon during one of the In-Service Teacher Training workshops, where 56 Mathematics teachers of the French sub-system of education from the Centre Region were undergoing training.

Left; Canadian High Commissioner to Cameroon H.E Richard Bale, and right; Prof. Mama Foupouagnigni-AIMS Cameroon Center President

Accompanied by Prof. Mama Foupouagnigni who serves as both the AIMS Cameroon Centre President as well as the AIMS NEI Academic Officer, the High Commissioner was received warmly by the AIMS TTP team represented by Prof. Daniel Tieudjo, the Director of AIMS TTP Cameroon.  He then took a tour around the training tables where he had a view of how trainees were practicing the conceptualization of classroom activities.


His Excellency Richard Bale visiting workshop participant’s working tables

Elaborating on how the AIMS TTP workshops are run, the Director of TTP Cameroon provided a brief explanation of the workshop objectives, methodology and expectations. Participants were given the opportunity to express themselves.  Several participants recounted how the workshop sessions made them feel more positive about teaching Mathematics despite their years of teaching experience. They equally expressed their regrets of not having learned the workshop content at the Higher Teacher Training Colleges while they were students.
Expressing similar feelings of pride attained due to the intellectual upgrading furnished them by AIMS TTP training, Master Trainers used the opportunity to lay emphasis on Mathematics teachers avoiding the temptation of being drowned into old habits after the training. In addition, they pointed out the challenge Mathematics teachers have to take up to ensure the performance rates of students in Mathematics are improved.
Prof. Mama used the opportunity to express his gratitude for the visit of the High Commissioner, and spelled out the contributions of Canada to the AIMS center and its projects through the past years, acknowledging as well the contributions of Canada to African Development.
His excellency Richard Bale, impressed by the mode of training he observed (group work), appreciated Cameroon’s initiative to train teachers who in turn, train the brilliant students in Mathematics, the pillar of science and development. He equally beckoned on all to encourage and support female participation in mathematics study.
He further stated that while TTP was not financed by Canada, it is recognized that Teacher Training is crucial, and he greatly appreciated the multi-leveled approach of TTP Cameroon.  He said that confronting the problem at all levels – teachers, principals, inspectors, delegates, university professors, and even at the level of the ministries – is effective.
He ended with an encouragement to all participants to put in their best towards retaining the best from the training workshop.

Canadian High Commissioner to Cameroon and participants at the AIMS TTP 13th In-service Mathematics Teachers Training