The Annual General Meeting – Seminar Workshop of the SOUTH WEST ASSOCIATION of MATHEMATICS TEACHERS (SWAMT) was held on November 20th 2020 at the Baptist High School (BHS) in Great Soppo Buea on the theme: “Developing Strategies for Teaching Mathematics Within The Context of the Current Challenges”

After the official opening by the Lord Mayor of the Buea Council, David Mafany Namange, the one-day gathering started with a paper titled “Revealing Statistics from the 2020 End of Course Examinations: The GCE and the Technical and Vocational Education (T.V.E.) Examinations” by the Regional Pedagogic Inspector for Mathematics, Nzume Peter Etuge who disclosed that at the GCE Ordinary Level, 23,585 students passed Mathematics thus recording 31.47% pass. He noted that this score marked an improvement in students’ performance from the previous year.

TTP Cameroon was invited to participate in the meetings as an advocate and supporter of teacher associations, as well as a resource to continue to help build the capacity of the associated teachers. The second presentation of the meeting was given by Mrs. Babila Emilia, the TTP Cameroon Pedagogic Advisor for the English Sub-System. She used a sample lesson on Trigonometry to give tips to the participants on defining notions such as: the Problem Situation, the Activity, Motivation and Learning Points. The Question and Answer session paved the way for the Application Exercise.

Mrs. Babila also presented AIMS TTP and its objectives after announcing that the next workshop for In-Service Mathematics teachers from the South West Region starts in Limbe on Tuesday, November 24th. AIMS Cameroon’s IT Manager, Madam Nathalie Wandji, briefly presented the Teacher Training Lab in Buea with its ultramodern facilities that include computers, Wi-Fi, an audio and sound system, video conferencing equipment, smart boards and movable chalk/wipe boards. “The Mathematics Department of the University of Buea is currently using the Lab but it remains open to all of you teachers. If you want to use the lab, go through the Mathematics Department,” Madam Nathalie Wandji urged the teachers. Mrs. Babila added that some AIMS TTP cluster activities and trainings like ICTs in Maths could be planned in the lab.

The participants watched a promotional video on AIMS TTP to end presentations by AIMS Staff, which were praised with a round of applause. SWAMT President, Mr. Richard Ketchem Esoh, hailed AIMS TTP and mentioned the importance of the lab especially its contribution to Mathematics methodology trainings. “Teachers have the Content but need to be trained on Methodology,” he stated.

The next lesson was on the Application of Differentiation. It was presented by Tandap Emmanuel Nkibo of GTHS Kumba who equally hailed AIMS TTP for training him in one of its workshops in Limbe. He acknowledged his application of lessons learned from AIMS TTP workshop in the preparation and presentation of the lesson he presented to teachers in Buea.

AIMS Cameroon’s participation falls in line with its strategy to expand its Teacher Training Program’s outreach to Mathematics Teachers’ Associations which constitutes one of TTP’s physical Communities of Practice.

SWAMT President Mr Richard Ketchem Esoh welcomes participants.

Buea Council Mayor hands Certificates of Participation.

SWAMT members at the Seminar/AGM.

SWAMT members at the Seminar/AGM.

Mrs Babila Emilia from AIMS TTP presents a Form Four Sample Lesson on Trigonometry.

AIMS Cameroon’s IT Manager, Madam Nathalie Wandji, briefly presenting the Teacher Training Lab in Buea.