Students during the election exercise.

A long-standing tradition of the AIMS-Cameroon center is the students’ choice of class representatives; the pair, male and female, who sit in for students in the school council and are expected to champion the building of a collegial working environment for the benefit of all.

In this year’s race where students had to nominate a running pair on an online nomination platform with the top 02 pairs to contest for the winning spot, a fierce campaign was experienced for the first time on our campus, one that pulled all out of their comfort zones and filled the corridors of the center with lots of cheer.

By close of nominations, the battle came down to the Harris and Abigail pair combining the force of Cameroon and Ghana on a ticket they called HABIG, to challenge the Zambian and Cameroonian mathematicians, Naomie and Bernadin, whose ticket we will remember as BERNAO.

From L-R: Nkuiate Harris, Naomi Soko, Abigail Abeo, and Bernadin Tamo, Student Delegate Nominees.

The competing teams went toe to toe as they employed several strategies in a bid to gain the trust and votes of their colleagues.

In the end, the BERNAO team prevailed, but what was clear from the cheer, competitive energy, and fanfare that enveloped our campus during the weeks leading up to the elections is that the students, after 02 months on campus, have learned the ideals of a democratic society and are absorbing the spirit of leadership preached at AIMS.

From L-R: Naomi Soko and Bernadin Tamo, Elected Delegates of the AIMS-Cameroon 2020-2021 cohort.

Bernadin and Naomi took time after the exercise to thank their peers for their trust, support, and votes. They equally solicited the help, correction, and criticism of their mates in ensuring growth and success for all.