The workshop for in-service Mathematics teachers organised by AIMS TTP in Yaounde from the 26th to the 31st of October 2020 is already creating impact in some schools in the West Region. One of the trainees, Solange Foka of Lycée Classique de Bafoussam, recently reported that upon their return from Yaounde, they submitted a Report and an Action Plan to their Principal. While implementing the Action Plan, the teachers have acquired a research hall and a Mathematics laboratory. They equally revealed that they have constituted groups for lesson study, reviewed their method of marking students examination sheets, created a Whatsapp group for their Cluster and fixed the date for meetings on the first Thursday of each month at 5pm.


At the Lycée Technique de Toula-Dzong in the Menoua Division, another trainee Tsanou Adele is engaged in teaching Mathematics differently. In an outdoor activity recently, she worked with her students on estimating the height of a storey building using techniques learned during the AIMS TTP workshop.


 Meanwhile at Lycée de Dschang, Achille Djontu Tajouo François and his students used local materials to make trigonometric circles and demonstrated how they work. The students found the lesson activity very engaging, innovative and exciting.

Teacher Achille Djontu Tajouo François and his students usng local materials to make a trigonometric circles.


Locally-made trigonometric circles.

 Maths Teacher Ngaguen Ngamani Benoit, on his part, has launched a Maths Club at Lycée de Batié to help demystify Mathematics in the school. He gathered the first club members after assigning students of Terminale C to visit various classes and announce the creation of the club. An Executive Committee was elected on the first day and a list of activities was established. With a membership of 30 made up of mostly students from “Seconde C”, “Premières” and Science “Terminales”, the Maths Club holds its meetings on the first and third Mondays of each month. During each meeting, an activity is implemented. The first activity of the new Club dwelled on the use of a Calculator while the second activity was to inspire learners with methods of lesson study. The Maths Club of Lycée de Batié is also planning to organize internal Olympiads in preparation for the International Day of Mathematics.  

The new Mathematics Club now has 30 members.

The first activity of the new Club dwelled on the use of a Calculator.