AIMS-Cameroon staff, Industry Partners, and the “Making Science The Star” crew.

The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences, AIMS-Cameroon and “Making Science The Star” recently joined forces in organizing an exciting event aimed at exploring the cinema as a vector for spreading the message of Science in a way that projects the importance of Science in the African community.

Hosted on Thursday, December 10, 2020, at the AIMS-Cameroon Crystal Gardens premises, the event brought together various talents including mathematicians, filmmakers, actors, researchers, and industry experts who rallied in support of the initiative that was brought together by the AIMS-Cameroon Research Center led by Dr. Jean-Daniel Djida, Dr. Stephane Kenmoe of “Making Science The Star”, and the AIMS-Cameroon Industry Initiative.

The event was marked by a panel discussion on the topic “The Cinema as a vector for science dissemination and Science in the Industry” where panelists explored some of the facets of scientific storytelling to enhance Science Communication and the barriers to the employment of Mathematics graduates in non-academic institutions.

Panelists From Left to Right: Mr. Michel Pouamo, Mme. Régine Laure Ngo Nlondok, Mr. Pierre La Paix Ndame, Dr. Stéphane Kenmoe, Mr. Martin Poulibe, Dr. Jean-Daniel Djida, Mr. Honore Bernard, Prof. Boniface Nkemzi, Prof Marco Andrea Garuti.

Weighing in on the successes recorded through AIMS’ efforts in making use of Science for sustainable development and technological progress, the AIMS-Cameroon Industry initiative championed by Mr. Honore Bernard and Mr. James Njong Jnr also showcased some of AIMS’ impact on local industries and the community at large.
In the end, participants had the opportunity to consume the first product of “Making Science the Star” which is a movie titled “Science in the City”, one that connects society to scientific discoveries in a fun and engaging way.
Given that the goal of AIMS-Cameroon matches that of the “Making Science the Star” project in contributing to Africa’s transformation through employing methods that highlight the importance of Science and encouraging Africa’s community to invest in sciences, both parties, at the end of the event, agreed on the need to explore new and fun strategies to drive the science message beyond.

Group photo of participants (AIMS-Cameroon students, tutors and staff, the “Making Science The Star” crew, Industry Partners and a representative from a Partner University)