42 in-service Mathematics teachers (10 females) of the English sub-system from public and private secondary schools in the Littoral Region are participating in a workshop organised in Limbe by AIMS TTP in partnership with Mastercard Foundation and the Government of Cameroon.

Trainees discuss the qualities of a good leader.

From the 9th to the 12th of December 2020, the teachers explore new strategies to enable them improve the teaching and learning of Mathematics so as to increase students’ interest in the subject, their success rates in examinations, and their pursuit of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) at the higher education level.

Session on identification and use of pedagogic documents.

During a lecture on Leadership, Motivation, Values and Attitudes, AIMS TTP trainers told the teachers to be leaders in their respective classrooms to enhance learning. As leaders, teachers must be competent, wise, focused, respectful, charismatic, open-minded, confident, flexible, forgiving, humble, enthusiastic, show team spirit and be good listeners. During the session, the Mathematics teachers, working in groups, gave differences between a Boss and a Leader and established that the right learning environment is created in a classroom when the Mathematics teacher has the qualities of a leader. Other training units have focused on deontology, use of pedagogic documents, lesson preparation and delivery and ICT in Maths.

Participants dance during Gender and inclusion session.

The Limbe workshop is the 31st AIMS TTP has organized nationwide since 2017 and the fifth to be organised in Limbe where 223 teachers(41 females) have been trained  .

Teachers trained to conceive lesson activities from local realities.