Students of Lycée Classique de Nkolbisson in Yaounde are beginning to learn and apply Mathematics differently. Using the knowledge of triangles and circle circumferences, 47 students of 5eme 6 learned to produce wall decorations with waste Carton papers during their Mathematics class recently. These students applied lessons further by learning how to calculate the quantity and weight of paint needed to beautify the decoration.

5eme 6 students of Lycee Classique de Nkolbisson applying Mathematics lessons to produce wall decorations.

5eme 6 students of Lycee Classique de Nkolbisson calculating the weight and quantity of paint needed to obtain best results on wall decoration.

Some final outputs of students’ work (Wall decoration made from waste carton paper).

Their Mathematics Teacher Mr. Njeumen François Zavier was recently trained in an AIMS TTP workshop for In-Service Mathematics teachers in Yaounde. Inspired by the training, he is determined to improve his students’ performance in Mathematics and also encourages his fellow colleagues to guide their students  to learn Maths differently.

Students of 5eme 6 Lycee Classique de Nkolbisson excited to have produced wall decorations following Mathematics lesson on circles and triangles.

By using these examples and practical methods to teach Mathematics differently, the minds of these young Cameroonians are being enlightened to the importance of understanding and applying Maths in everyday life helping them discover the economic benefits and potentials of studying Mathematics. It is hoped that from such fun Mathematics lessons, more students will discover great income generating careers.
Extracted from the African Institute of Mathematical Science Teacher Training Programme: Learning and Teaching Mathematics Differently, Trained Mathematics teachers are using the acquired skills and knowledge they gained during AIMS TTP training workshop to impart on their students methods of applying mathematics differently.