During a Lesson Activity in Seconde C on the 17th of December 2020, Madam Solange Foka brought fabrics and other accessories to the classroom. She instructed her students to design earrings shaped like Regular Polygons and covered in fabrics. The results were impressive as the students displayed their creative skills through the creation of beautiful and colourful earrings.

“Some succeeded in making the earrings while others didn’t. But they were all happy and enthusiastic. They said that waste from fabrics will no longer go to the garbage can but will be used to make their mothers’ jewels. They were happy. Nobody was bored,” Madam Foka said.

This creative lesson activity eloquently demonstrates that AIMS TTP’s Face-to-Face training workshops are efficient and effective in building the knowledge, skills and attitudes required for teachers to prepare and deliver student-centered, engaging, participatory, interactive, innovative and gender-responsive and inclusive mathematics lessons. By allowing the students to work in groups, Madam Foka created a fun-filled environment for the earrings to be made with success because the students learned and taught each other. Through this activity, Madam Foka has provided the students with mindsets for change Africa needs in order to develop. Two ideas for wealth creation emanate from the lesson activity which at least 5 students in that class will certainly pursue immediately and later into professional life: waste management and the industrial or artisanal manufacture of jewelry using mathematical shapes. This will induce the creation of jobs, revenue and add value to locally available resources, in line with AIMS TTP Philosophy.

Madam Foka was among the participants of the workshop for in-service Mathematics teachers organised by AIMS TTP in Yaounde from the 26th to the 31st of October 2020. She has been using lessons learnt from the workshop to teach Mathematics differently in her school. Madam Foka recently reported that upon her return from the AIMS TTP workshop in Yaounde, she submitted a report and an action plan to her Principal. While implementing the action plan in her teacher Cluster, the teachers acquired a research hall and a Mathematics laboratory. They also constituted groups for lesson study, and other Cluster activities, such as reviewing their method of marking students’ examination sheets.

Enthusiastic Students cutting materials into regular polygon shapes.

Students made beautiful earrings out of the lesson activity.