Title of Thesis: Mathematical Modelling of Some Diseases Related To Water

Passionate about making large scale epidemics a thing of the past, Faïçal Ndaïrou, AIMS-Cameroon alumnus of the 2014/2015 cohort, began a research journey to study the dynamics of some infectious diseases from a double mathematical point of view.

His 03-year long study was successfully carried out under the supervision of Iván Carlos Area Carracedo and co-supervision of Delfim Fernando Marado Torres, at the Universidade de Vigo in Spain, earning him a Ph.D. in Mathematical Modelling, specifically in the field in Analysis.

During his defense on December 22nd 2020, Faïçal Ndaïrou proposed and analyzed four mathematical models describing the 2014 Ebola outbreak that occurred in West Africa, the 2016 Zika outbreak in Brazil, the Wuhan Covid-19 dynamics, and the Japanese encephalitis disease.

This, he did from a double mathematical point of view including Modelization and Control where in Modelization, he formulated new mathematical models and combined them with existing ones in order to analyze the dynamics of these diseases, some of them transmitted by mosquitoes, water or environment, whereas in Control Theories, he proposed measures that will help to combat the progression of the diseases.

Dr. Faïçal Ndaïrou acknowledged the support of his supervisors, the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences, and that of his parents.

He is currently completing a second Ph.D. in Fractional Optimal Control with application to biology and his research interests are in Mathematical Modeling of Infectious Diseases, Mathematical Analysis, Optimal Control, and Fractional Calculus.