AIMS TTP closed the year 2020 by creating awareness on new methods of teaching Mathematics during its 8th Principals’ Awareness seminar attended by 85 Principals of 76 Secondary schools in Noun Division of the West Region.

The one-day Workshop took place on the 29th of December 2020, at ENIEG Privé Bilingue Laïque PEKEKUE of Foumban and had as its goal to illustrate the importance of Mathematics in society and its essential role in development, as well as the specific and additional support to continue to improve the teaching and learning of Mathematics. Due to the significance of Mathematics, the Workshop was facilitated by Prof. Catherine Nsata Awoundja, Inspector General of Education (IGE) here represented by Ms. Kenne, Inspector Coordinator Regional of Science (ICR/Science), Mr. Akak Fidelis, Inspector General of Science (IGS), and Mr. Jean Pierre Adjaba, Inspector Coordinator General of Science (ICG/Science), who were supported by a team of AIMS TTP staff under the auspices of the Chief Academic Officer of the AIMS Global Network and Center President of AIMS-Cameroon, Prof. Mama Foupouagnigni.

AIMS Center President (middle) Presiding over the Principal Awareness Workshop in Foumban.

The workshop sessions focused on personal and professional development, highlighting professional leadership skills, as well as the collaborative and administrative skills needed to help their Mathematics teachers realize the AIMS TTP approach of teaching Mathematics differently.

The participating Principals and school administrators were prepared and encouraged to accompany their Mathematics teachers,  help them develop academic work plans and to embrace the new methods promoted by AIMS TTP to teach Mathematics differently and demystify Mathematics. AIMS TTP equally urged the principals to be ambassadors of the TTP approach as they provide their teachers with the necessary management capacities to impact their various communities.

Secondary School Principals of Noun Division during Awareness Creation Workshop.

As AIMS TTP continues to fine-tune not only the academic aspects related to teaching Mathematics, it places emphases on leadership qualities and the importance of gender sensitivity and inclusion while motivating Mathematics teachers across Cameroon to nurture their students to be wealth creators and development drivers through their use of Mathematics. So far, close to 700 Principals have been prepared and encouraged to accompany more than 2600 Mathematics teachers trained by AIMS TTP across Cameroon to teach Mathematics differently.

AIMS TTP Master Trainer Creating Awareness on New Management Skills for Teaching Mathematics differently.