Cameroon’s Centre of the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) held its Advisory Board Meeting on the 6th of February 2021 at Hotel La Falaise in Yaounde under the chairmanship of the University of Buea’s Vice Chancellor Professor Ngomo Horace Manga. The meeting was attended by the 13 statutory members as well as guest participants.

In her opening remarks, AIMS Global Network’s Chief Executive Officer Ms Lydie Hakizimana hailed AIMS-Cameroon, saying they were all pleased by the work on the ground done by the AIMS-Cameroon Team, especially the staff led by the Centre’s President and Chief Academic Officer of AIMS Global Network, Professor Mama Foupouagnigni.

“We are grateful for the resilience especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. It has not been easy but as the AIMS Family,; a team that is resilient and that understands the importance of this mission that we have to provide the best quality mathematical education to the young people of the continent,” explained the CEO.

Ms Lydie Hakizimana praising AIMS-Cameroon team.

“We are truly blessed to have a team that is focused” Ms Lydie Hakizimana

Indeed, the COVID-19 pandemic had its toll the world over including operations at AIMS-Cameroon’s Centre based in Limbe, South West Region. According to the report submitted by Professor Mama to the Advisory Board, the 2019-2020 Graduation ceremony was cancelled. There was a delay in the departure of last year’s students, particularly the Malagasies due to worldwide travel restrictions. The Cameroonian Government donated 1000 masks while a crew from the Ministry of Higher Education carried out COVID-19 inspection visits. AIMS capitalized on government’s support and prescription of guidelines and succeeded the year with zero positive COVID-19 among the students.

Professor Mama Foupouagnigni presenting last year’s report.

AIMS-Cameroon’s Academic Director Prof. Marco Garuti (standing) and TTP Director Prof. Daniel Tieudjo (left).

AIMS-Cameroon’s Chief Operating Officer Mr Honore Bernard Youfegnuy (left) concerting with Professors Marco Garuti and Daniel Tieudjo.

AIMS-Cameroon is the fourth Centre of Excellence of the AIMS network to be created under the framework of the Next Einstein Initiative in 2013. The Centre is host to four Programs including a one-year Structured Master’s degree in Mathematical Sciences, a Teachers’ Training Program, a Research Program in Mathematics and a Cooperative Education Master’s Program in Industrial Mathematics.

Representatives of various Ministries and the Prime Minister’s Office attending the Advisory Board meeting.

During the 2018-2019 academic year, 37 students from 10 countries graduated from the taught Master’s Programme while 33 from 11 countries graduated from the programme in 2019-2020. The Cooperative Education Master’s Degree in Industrial Mathematics Programme graduated 9 students in 2018-2020 and 11 students in 2019-2021.

Meanwhile, AIMS-Cameroon’s Research Centre has published more than 55 articles in internationally recognized peer-reviewed journals while the Teachers’ Training Programme (TTP) trained 1,919 in-service Mathematics teachers, 909 pre-service teachers and sensitised 666 Principals and Delegates.

AIMS-Cameroon looks forward to a brighter future with the introduction of new training programmes like Econometrics and Artificial Intelligence and the acquisition of a building permit makes the construction of the new AIMS-Cameroon complex at Ngeme in Limbe, imminent.