Co-operative Master’s

In the Academic year, 2015/2016, AIMS introduced the pilot Cooperative Education Program. The Co-op program is built upon a model of work-integrated learning. The Cooperative Education Master’s program is a structured method of combining formal instruction with scheduled, alternative segments of practical work experience in appropriate industry. The rationale for the program is to increase the transition to meaningful employment for AIMS Scholars by enriching their learning experience with acquisition of competencies relevant to the workplace and Industry.

The Co-op students undergo 18 months of training: 10 months of academic/course work (given by international visiting lecturers, backed by permanent tutors) and 6 to 8 months of internship with AIMS industry partners, after which they complete their research dissertations. AIMS Co-op scholars are chosen based on their background in Mathematics and related sciences, leadership potential and commitment to give-back to their communities, among other criteria. AIMS Cameroon just finished training its 1 st Co-op Cohort, with specializations in Big Data, Computer Security and Financial Mathematics. and they will be graduating The Co-op is implemented in partnership with Industry partners across Africa. Our 1 st Cohort of 11 Scholars have finished their internship with the following companies: