Reach 1700 in service mathematics teachers

Reach 1300 pre-service mathematics teachers

Reach 2 million students in 5 years

Increase number of women involved in STEM

TTP National Awards Program (NAP)

The National Awards Program, is a Mathematics award ceremony which will be organised by AIMS TTP to recognize, appreciate and motivate students and teachers across the nation in their brilliant performances in Mathematics and contributions in the fostering of STEM related fields of study.

  • How do you convince students to take INTEREST in STEM?

  • How do you encourage these students to improve on their performances in STEM

  • How do you tell parents to encourage and support their kids in STEM?

  • How do you best communicate to teachers to be the best at their jobs in order to produce Africa’s next best scientist and Einstein?

  • How do you tell the world, there is great gain in studying STEM

It’s all about MOTIVATION and that’s where the National Awards Program comes in.
The NAP will therefore want to focus on the:

  • Recognition of students and teachers who excel in either the learning or teaching of STEM

  • Appreciation of these people

  • Encouraging those students who have given up on Mathematics to do better.

  • Encouraging the teachers to be more performant and productive in their classrooms.

  • Sensitizing parents to encourage and provide the necessary support for those children wishing to take up Mathematics, especially their female children.

  • Discovering new talents through competition and scientific displays or exposés.

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