19 décembre 2019


One of the goals of AIMS is to create positive social and economic transformation in sub-Saharan Africa through Mathematical Sciences. Students are encouraged to give back by investing their skills in the community during their studies at AIMS.

In accordance with the above, some students visited Saker Baptist College Secondary school.  The aim of the first visit was for the students to familiarize themselves with the AIMS students, missions, vision, and goals and also for the Saker students to know the importance of Mathematics.

Beginning with an icebreaker so as to create a good atmosphere for the talk was of utmost importance for a “boring subject” as Mathematics”. A Q&A session ensued where all of the students’ questions and worries were answered.

The students had positive remarks about the introductory workshop and requested the AIMS students return soon enough. They also suggested some of the topics they would love AIMS students to assist them in the science subjects for example probability and statistics, trigonometry, and others like salts in chemistry.

The next giveback will be a meeting with the teachers in order to exchange views and topics which they wish AIMS students would cover.

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