Georg Bader

mars 18, 2022

Prof. Georg Bader Visits AIMS-Cameroon for the fifth year in row

Prof. Georg Bader returned to AIMS-Cameroon for the fifth year in row to teach the classical introductory course on numerical analysis to this year’s cohort of structured masters students. 

The seasoned German researcher whose passion for science and the continent brought him to the shores of Limbe some five years ago, this year returned to meet and introduced students in the fundamental science stream to a classical postgraduate level course on numerical analysis. Georg’s course is at the center of the applicable science we teach at our center, combining advanced computational tools with theoretical mathematics to lay the foundations for solutions to problems that require large scale numerical simulations. 

In this year’s course and like in the past years, Prof. Bader used Python to showcase how we can leverage the power of this popular computer programming language to solve first order systems of differential equations. The learning as always was an intense yet enjoyable experience for the students who have enjoyed a steady flow of python based courses all year, and came into Prof. Bader’s course far more at ease with the programming language than when they first arrived. 

When the weekend comes and go, it will take Prof. Bader with her, and leave us memories of the time spent and a renewed interest in helping our students develop industry relevant skills that will allow them to become thought leaders, and champions of our developed economies. 

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