juin 13, 2022


The stage is being set for the largest public gathering in AIMS Cameroon cooperative education history, with the maiden edition of the AIMS Cameroon career fair and science communication challenge.

Following a rigourous ten months postgraduate training in mathematical sciences, the career fair will bring together leading actors in Cameroon’s growing market scene, to explore, together with the students,  avenues through which the problem solving and entrepreneurial skills they have mastered thus far, can be channeled to enhance value creation at their respective organisations.

As a side attraction, and probably an irresistible side show,  the finals of the fourth season of the AIMS-Cameroon science communication challenge shall be staged, with sixteen of the fifty-five students currently on campus battling for the top honours in science communication.

The day is June 18th, and the slated start time is 9 A.M WAT but what we cannot say yet is if you will be there or not. Let us know.

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