mars 23, 2024

Highlights from the Recent Advisory Council Meeting (February 2024)

In a concerted effort to review AIMS-Cameroon progress and impact, and also to brainstorm on challenges faced by AIMS-Cameroon, a significant advisory council meeting, hosted by AIMS, took place at the AIMS-Cameroon campus in Limbe on February 23, 2024.

The day commenced with the anticipation of delegates arriving at the AIMS-Cameroon campus, setting the stage for a series of impactful discussions. A pivotal moment followed as attendees departed for the Construction Site in Ngueme (Limbe) where they embarked on a comprehensive visit, culminating in a memorable family photo to commemorate the occasion.

Upon returning to campus, attendees convened for a series of short meetings, including a discussion with students, providing an invaluable opportunity for interaction and exchange.

A warm welcome address by Professor Horace Manga, Chair of the AIMS-Cameroon Advisory Council, set the tone for constructive dialogue and collaboration. Distinguished guests graced the gathering with insightful contributions, including but not limited to, representatives from the Prime Minister (Dr. Mokube Mathias Itoe), the Ministry of Higher Education (Prof. Rodolphine Wamba) and the Ministry of Secondary Education (Mr Adjaba Biwoli Jean-Pierre); focal points of the Ministry of Higher Education (M. Henry Nkoto Edjo), the Ministry of External Relations (Ms. Abenelang Abessolo Murielle and M. Jean Jessy Evina Akame) and the Ministry of Finance (M. Emmanuel Mukongba); Senator Eno Emma Lafon and Prof. Nancy Ann Neudauer (online).

The AIMS Global Network also made its presence felt through an inspiring address by its president, Prof. Sam Yala (online), expressing the network’s deep appreciation for the outstanding support of the Cameroon Government, and the diligent efforts of the AIMS-Cameroon Centre President (Prof. Dr. Foupouagnigni Mama) and the AIMS-Cameroon Advisory Council. The AIMS-Cameroon construction project, he emphasized, serves as an inspiring model for other centers within the network, and contributes significantly to the network’s sustainability objectives.

The council performed a comprehensive review of AIMS-Cameroon activities spanning July 2023 to January 2024, encompassing key areas such as education; research; and governmental relations, and culminated in a dynamic question and answer session, enabling stakeholders to clarify doubts and deepen their understanding of the presented material. Proposed recommendations were meticulously examined, leading to their review and approval by the council members.

Looking ahead, the date of the next council meeting was set, ensuring continuity in the pursuit of shared goals.

In a gesture of courtesy and respect, attendees paid a visit to the New Senior Divisional Officer of the Fako Division, reaffirming the spirit of partnership and collaboration. The day concluded with a convivial lunch at the AIMS-Cameroon campus, marking the end of a productive and inspiring council meeting.

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