September 24, 2021

Boundedness Properties for Hermite Pseudo-Multipliers

Fourier multipliers and pseudo-differential operators are defined by means of the Fourier transform and play an important role in the study of partial differential equations. In the same spirit, Hermite pseudo-multipliers are associated to Hermite expansions and they represent the counterparts to pseudo-differential operators in the Hermite setting.

After some preliminaries, we will present results on boundedness properties of pseudo-multipliers in function spaces associated to the Hermite operator. The main tools in the proofs involve new molecular decompositions and molecular synthesis estimates for Hermite Besov and Hermite Triebel-Lizorkin spaces, which allow to obtain boundedness results on spaces for which the smoothness allowed includes non-positive values. In particular, we obtain boundedness results for pseudo-multipliers on Lebesgue and Hermite local Hardy spaces