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Arsene Gibbs Nwemadji Tiako


Taught Masters, 2020/2021

Taught Masters, 2020/2021

While at AIMS, Gibbs worked on a quantum algorithm. The goal of his thesis was to provide a mathematical reformulation and rigorous proof of the Non-Boolean Quantum Amplitude Amplification algorithm, which corresponds to a generalization of Grover’s Algorithm. He also implemented this algorithm on IBM’s quantum computer using Qiskit.

Being at AIMS helped Gibbs secure a position in the prestigious Pre-PhD program in Quantitative Life Science at ICTP. He finished as the best student in his batch at ICTP. Gibbs is currently a Ph.D. student in Theoretical and Scientific Data Science at SISSA in Trieste, Italy.

I would like to be informed in case you need complementary information on me. Thank you for all the work you are doing at AIMS and wish you good health and all the best in your career.

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