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Josue Nguinabe


Taught Masters, 2021/2022

Josue NGUINABE is a freelance researcher. His research interest are Time Series Analisys and forecasting, Bootstrap, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Applied Statistics, Cybersecurity, Computer Networks, and Forensic Investigation of Documents.

At AIMS-Cameroon, Josue Nguinabe has developed a new strategy for times series data forecasting called BPI-LSTM sort for Bootstrap Prediction Interval for Times Series Forecasting using Long Short Term Memory. This system was applied to forecast climate variables such as Temperature, Specific Humidity, and Wind vectors for the capitals of a Central African Countries.

Currently, Josue NGUINABE work at SaLLy (Statistical Learning Laboratory) of Pr. Paulo Canas Rodrigues and at CyCOMAI(Cybersecurity with Computational and Artificial Intelligence) of Pr. Dr-Ing: Franklin Tchakounte.

Josue NGUINABE is currently admitted to Avance Africa Scholarship funded by Acces Bank where he is learning Programming for Data Science with Python.

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