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Nasser Mfouapon Youssouf


Taught Masters, 2021/2022

Nasser is a climate science stream’s graduate from AIMS-Cameroon. He is currently pursuing a new Master’s degree in Theoretical Physics (High Energy Physics and Cosmology) at Ariel University in Israel.

While at AIMS, NasserI had the opportunity to work on a subject that highlights a crucial problem in Africa: Investigating the Impact of Climate Variables on Malaria Transmission. Malaria remains a serious problem in tropical and subtropical areas, such as Sub-Saharan African countries, where the climate conditions are favourable for the development of both vectors and parasites. Malaria is expected to change in the coming decades as human activities change the composition of the climate. It is, therefore, necessary to associate climatic variables such as temperature, rainfall with malaria and mosquito abundance in order to highlight the different periods or cycles where these variables are highly correlated over time. To achieve this, he used Wavelet Coherence Analysis (WCA) to investigate the influence of climatic variables (rainfall and temperature) on malaria transmission and mosquito abundance and then, Developed a climate-based model (ARIMA model) In other to predict and forecast malaria incidence.

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