December 20, 2017


One of the goals of AIMS is to create positive social and economic transformation in sub-Saharan Africa through Mathematical Sciences. Students and alumni after receiving training are encouraged to give back by investing their skills in the community and the entire country’s social and economic growth during and after studies at AIMS.

In line with the above, Prof Marco Andrea Garuti, Academic Director, AIMS Cameroon and Honore Bernard Youfegnuy, Student Development and Coop Manager went to the divisional delegation of secondary education and to the Bota community hospital. The aim of the visit was to propose services (receive feedback and acceptance prior to commencing the activities) that AIMS will offer to secondary schools and hospitals in order to make impactful give back to the community.

The acting delegate of secondary education welcomed the collaboration. He proposed to endorse a letter of introduction of the giveback activities for all the targeted schools. He approved the time allocation of every Wednesday afternoon and advised that emphasis should be put on capacity building for math teachers among other activities

At the Hospital, the Director of the place welcomed our proposal. She prioritized by asking that we should start with capacity building on pharmacy database management and spreadsheets for the financial and administrative department. The Hospital administrator indicated that the appropriate weekday for students’ volunteering should be Thursdays or Fridays.

Next organizations to visit for giveback activities are the orphanages and civil service departments in Fako division.

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