Meet the students 2023 intake

Since its creation in 2013, AIMS-Cameroon has trained 445 students, with 164 of them being women – 415 in the structured Master’s and 30 in the Co- operative Master’s Program.

About the present intake

Students benefit from the experience of renowned visiting lecturers who teach for three weeks each. Capacity building is provided by tutors (teaching assistants) who are always available on campus to ensure a 24-hour learning environment.

Fifty (50) new students, 40% of whom are women, gained admission to AIMS Cameroon to take a 10-month Structured Master’s Degree course in Mathematical Sciences during the 2023-2024 academic year whereas ten (10) with 30% of whom being women gained admission to take the 18-month Co-operative master’s Degree course.

The 2023-2024 Cohort comprises 30 Cameroonians and 30 non Cameroonian students from 12 African countries, that is, Botswana, Chad, the Democratic Republic of Congo,  Ethiopia,  Eswatini, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Mali, Nigeria, Rwanda and Zambia.

The 50 new students of the Structured Master’s Degree Program are distributed in its three main streams as follows: 24 students will study Fundamental Science, 17 will study Data Science, and 9 students are enrolled the Climate Science stream. The co-operative master’s students will attend various courses accross the three streams depending on their internship projects and their backgrounds.

Our proven pedagogic model

AIMS tuition, study materials, and housing are fully funded through a generous scholarship. Its residential nature allows more contact time between lecturers and students than is available in a typical university setting.

Students typically study three subjects for three weeks each during the skills phase and two subjects for three weeks each during the review phase. Additional tutorials and special classes are held in the evenings when students also usually complete their assignments. AIMS Cameroon is a bilingual institute (English and French), and we have students, tutors, and lecturers from various nationalities. All lectures are in English only. Language training is offered in English and French.

Students and tutors of AIMS Cameroon reside on campus at Crystal Gardens. They occupy single rooms with a communal living space and laundry facilities for tutors and lecturers.

At AIMS Cameroon, students also get the opportunity to build relationships with one another over play, enabling them to strengthen their thinking and appreciation for a difference in thought processes.

Community Engagement

All students are required to volunteer for at least 20 hours during the academic year. This program will strengthen their leadership skills as well as their commitment to invest in Africa.