Outreach and Public Engagement

Outreach and Public Engagement


TTP’s Outreach and Public Engagement Framework defines “Public” as all the key stakeholders in education including students, parents, teachers, principals, policy makers and corporate (business) sector. In seeking to stimulate public interest and appreciation of mathematical activity through public engagement activities, TTP-Cameroon aims to:

  • Increase awareness and understanding amongst the public and policy makers on the critical value of TTP in improving achievement in secondary school mathematics;  
  • Increase interest and enrollment amongst/of secondary school students in STEM courses at the tertiary level of education;
  • Increase public-private sector partnerships in the implementation of mathematics/STEM promotional and learning activities (for teachers and students) in the country.
  • Improve educational policies in support of quality and effective teaching and learning of mathematics in the country


Ultimately, the implementation of the public engagement activities is expected to make a significant contribution to TTP-Cameroon achieving its overarching objectives of increasing achievement in mathematics amongst Cameroon secondary school students and improving the transition rates of the students (especially females) into STEM oriented courses.

Public Engagement Strategies and Activities

1. Amplifying the Public’s Conversations on the Value of Mathematics

The specific objectives to be achieved through the strategic activities under this strategy include stimulating interest in STEM disciplines amongst the Cameroon public – especially the young people; raise the profile of Mathematics as a subject, increase the public’s understanding of their role in shaping positive attitude towards Mathematics amongst the youth-especially amongst the female child, increase the visibility of STEM role models (especially female) amongst the Cameroon public; increase the public’s understanding of the gender link to effective learning of mathematics and enhance collaboration with private sector in supporting mathematics education in the country. Key activities include Media Talk Shows, Maths Road Shows, Maths Music and Poetry Slam (Social Media), Maths Short Video Competition, Mathematics Forums, “Ambassador’s Dinner” with Private Sector representatives and the publication of a TTP Mathematics\Education Magazine.

2. Support of International Day of Mathematics (IDM)

To celebrate IDM, TTP Staff and several Master Trainers promote the importance of mathematics on radio and television, and encourage teachers, students – and everyone – to celebrate math in some way. Teachers throughout the country organize events to showcase the role and impact of Mathematics in everyday life. Such events include Mathematics Seminars, Olympiads, Poems, Dance routines, Construction of solid figures, Crafting a school plan, amongst others.

3. Olympiads

TTP Cameroon supports Regional Olympiads to help foster interest in mathematics. Preliminary regional Olympiads and the National Olympiad contribute to TTP’s objective of broadening the mathematical horizons of some of the top mathematics students from Cameroon’s secondary schools.

4. Enhancement of Mathematics Teachers’ Associations

TTP Cameroon supports various teacher associations in order to enhance their effectiveness as well as to promote important TTP activities and initiatives. TTP identified the need to rally the wider mathematics teaching community in the country in identifying with and recognizing the value of the TTP programme in improving effective teaching and learning of mathematics in the country.

5. TTP National Awards Program (NAP)

The National Awards Program is a STEM award ceremony organised by AIMS TTP to recognize, appreciate and motivate students and teachers across the nation in their brilliant performances in STEM and contributions in the fostering of STEM related fields of study. it comes to consolidate all the activities and award Cameroon’s most brilliant Mathematics students and their parents, Cameroon’s best Mathematics teachers and their Master trainers, Best School in Mathematics excellence and the Region with the best mathematics students.