December 4, 2019

MINESEC, AIMS TTP join forces to launch the New Mathematics Syllabus

The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences Teacher Training Program, in partnership with Mastercard Foundation, took part in the launching of the New Mathematics syllabus on December 2, 2019,  at the Resource Centre for Teachers in Yaoundé.

AIMS-TTP scored its presence at this event because of an integral part they played through its Pedagogic Adviser, Mrs. Babila Emilia, as they sought her AIMS expertise in producing lessons that are engaging, participatory and gender-sensitive. Joined by a plethora of Mathematics savants from the University down to classroom teachers from the two sub-systems of education, “the new edition of the syllabus is learner-centered. It allows learners to be active, cooperative, logical, and constructive in thinking. It also permits the learners to take responsibility for their learning and develop competencies from the knowledge acquired to solve daily life problems; hence, the learner will be self-reliant.” Said Mr. Richard Ketcheng, President of the Mathematics Teachers Association in Fako.

Added to this giant pedagogic stride, was the adoption of the AIMS-TTP cluster lead strategy. A strategy applauded by H.E Dr. Nalova Lyonga that will equip the Cluster leads, some designated in-service teachers, with the skills they need to effectively, assemble, motivate, encourage and assist teachers in improving on their lesson study and preparation.

Prof. Daniel Tieudjo, AIMS TTP Director, representing the AIMS-Cameroon, Centre President,  Prof. Dr. Mama Foupouagnigni, spoke of the contribution of AIMS in the advancement of teaching into the digital era, where ten in-service teachers were trained as resource developers to produce lessons for online distance learning. This platform offers students the possibility to gain access to their Mathematical lessons at their convenience. “I couldn’t encourage you more AIMS, to make sure that you push us, that we apply this and make it available to the schools as soon as possible. So, they can have something else to do with their phones, other than what is on social media,” said Dr. Nalova.

Dr. Nalova did not end her speech without thanking, Prof.Dr. Mama Foupouagnigni for his efforts made through AIMS in promoting the teaching and learning of Mathematics in Cameroon. She further implored AIMS to continue in their quest to encourage more female participants in such flagship programs.

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