March 26, 2021

CALL FOR TENDERS BY AIMS TTP REFERENCE: CE-CM-TTP-RFQ-2021-03-19-Bambili-TTL [Installation and Furnishing of the AIMS Teacher Training Laboratory At HTTC Bambili]

The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) Teacher Training Program (TTP) is seeking service providers for the Installation and Furnishing of the AIMS Teacher Training Laboratory at the Higher Teacher Training College in Bambili. Every interested bidder is encouraged to submit his or her quotation for the various activities. Quotations should be submitted on or before the 16th of April, 2021,4:00 PM local time. Your quotations must be sent via email to:

Detailed information can be found HERE or at AIMS Cameroon Center in Limbe, AIMS-TTP Offices in Yaoundé, or at the Department of Development, Physical Plant and Infrastructure at the University of Bamenda.

Contact person:
Yves Patrick Yuovop Sofo, IT Coordinator AIMS-TTP
Num: +237 675484934/698017216
AIMS-Cameroon, Crystal Gardens Middle Farms,
PO Box 608, Limbe.

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