March 29, 2024

Beyond the Classroom: AIMS Students Give Back by Building a Brighter Digital Future for Limbe

The AIMS Cameroon “GiveBack” program is a cornerstone of the institute’s commitment to social responsibility. This mandatory program requires students to dedicate two hours each week to projects that contribute to the development of Limbe, the city that hosts AIMS.

This year, “GiveBack” is taking an innovative approach, shifting from the traditional focus on secondary school tutoring to tackle critical data management needs in both Limbe’s public and private sectors. This reflects AIMS’ recognition of the importance of data-driven decision making for sustainable development.

AIMS students are directly assisting the Limbe City Council with vital data management tasks. One team is diligently entering civil status data, ensuring the accuracy and accessibility of crucial information for residents. Another team is collaborating with the city’s finance department, building process automation tools to streamline financial operations and improve efficiency for managing the city’s property and tax collection programs.

The “GiveBack” program recognizes the importance of knowledge preservation as well. AIMS students are partnering with Ecole Sonara to enhance their library management by introducing a digital management system for the school which will fast track how students search the library and also how the Liberian preserve records of books across the years. This project will ensure students have easier access to learning resources, fostering a stronger educational environment.

Furthermore, students are working alongside Saker Baptist College to build a digital archive for the college. Saker Baptist is one of Cameroon’s oldest secondary schools with over five decades of historical data at risk of being lost. Furthermore, there is no means to exploit this data which is sitting on the shelf of the schools store room. The AIMS students in this giveback team are building a digital archive to ensure this data is preserved properly, and the institution has a means to exploit this data to enhance decision making and student orientation. This will not only safeguard invaluable historical records but also provide a readily accessible resource for future administrations.

The “GiveBack” program’s innovative focus on data management reflects AIMS’ commitment to equipping students with the skills necessary to address real-world challenges. By supporting Limbe’s public and private sectors in this critical area, students are not only making an immediate impact, but also gaining valuable experience for their future careers. The program fosters a spirit of collaboration and civic responsibility, positioning AIMS students as valuable contributors to Limbe’s development and a brighter future for Africa.

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