April 22, 2024

Siyakhula Festival – A Journey of Reunion, Networking and Reflection: Insights from Dr. Redrisse Djoumessi Fobasso, AIMS Cameroon alumna

Dr. Redrisse Djoumessi, who participated in the  recent AIMS 20-year anniversary event, states that Networking proved to be a highlight of the event, as she had the opportunity to engage in discussions with remarkable individuals from the AIMS global network. From classmates and lecturers to representatives from prestigious organizations like Humboldt, opportunities for collaboration and exchange were indeed abundant. Discussions ranged from research opportunities to funding prospects, laying the groundwork for future collaborations and endeavors. “I had several discussions with amazing people from the AIMS network. Putting faces on names was a unique experience. I met classmates and lecturers from my AIMS batch and the younger AIMS generations, and it was nice to share our experiences.”

Memorable moments punctuated the event, with Redrisse marveling at the career trajectories of fellow alumni and the unwavering dedication of the organization team. “I enjoyed every moment at the event. I was amazed by how far AIMS alumni went with their careers, and it inspired me.“

Added to the networking experiences, she also had the opportunity to present a poster of her work entitled “Antiferromagnetic Behavior in the Frustrated Intermetallic Compounds Pr2Pd2X (X = In, Sn) and possible machine learning approach to the study”. In her work, she presented a selection of experimental results that establish the influence of geometric frustration on the properties of the materials Pr2Pd2X(X = In, Sn) and discussed possible machine learning models that could correctly predict these results.

The level of engagement and enthusiasm reflected during the closing ceremony served as a testament to the spirit of community and collaboration fostered by the AIMS global network, leaving Redrisse with a sentiment of gratitude. “I am very grateful to the AIMS network and AIMS Cameroon, in particular, for the excellent opportunity to attend this anniversary event.”

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