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Prof. Ngomo Horace Manga

  • Vice Chancellor of the University of Buea – BOARD CHAIR

Prof. Ngomo Horace Manga is the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Buea.  He was appointed by Presidential Decree Nº 2017/318 of 27 June 2017.  Before his appointment, he had served as Technical Adviser to the Prime Minister from September 2011 and later for five years as the Secretary General at the Ministry of Higher Education.

Prof. Ngomo Horace Manga is an Associate Professor of Applied Chemical Engineering. He obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Lagos, Nigeria in 1990. His Ph.D. research was in the area of Catalysts Deactivation. His research focused on studies of the factors responsible for the deactivation of reforming catalysts.

Prof. Ngomo Horace Manga hails from the Ndian Division of the South West Region. He has numerous publications and has co-authored many books.

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