April 3, 2019

Pi Day Article, 2019

March 14 (3/14) celebrated annually as Pi Day,  met AIMS Cameroon in celebration as they honored an invitation from SONARA School Limbe by joining their students,  teachers and staff in commemoration of the occasion.

19, made up of AIMS tutors, students and staff, visited SONARA School limbe to celebrate the event, deliver presentations on PI and to educate and encourage the students of SONARA School on the importance of STEM education.

PI depicted by the Greek letter π ,  is the symbol used in Mathematics to represent a constant, the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, which is approximately 3.14159. Thus, March 14 was chosen as the day to celebrate Pi since the date resembles the value of PI.

The event which started at exactly 1:59pm, was marked by presentations from the AIMS team on Pi, its value and significance in the field of mathematics and some curiosities surrounding Pi. Other presentations were made on Robotics and artificial intelligence with references from social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Google, Netflix, Amazon and Video games.

The students and teachers of SONARA school limbe were very pleased at the end of the program and found the presentation on Artificial Intelligence very interesting. They thanked AIMS for their steadfast collaboration and support since 2018 while stating their intentions to visit the AIMS center on a later date to grasp more on Artificial Intelligence.

AIMS Cameroon had visited the SONARA School last year on same occasion where some tutors and Alumni dished out similar talks to SONARA School students. This gesture was reciprocated as students of the School accompanied by their head of Mathematics club, Mr. Ndedi, visited AIMS Cameroon with gifts of SONARA T-shirts on May 20th 2018. The two institutions on this day bonded as they laughed while playing mathematical games.

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