May 28, 2020

AIMS’ founder, Prof. Neil Turok, congratulates AIMS-Cameroon’s 2019-2020 graduates, urges them to go out and tackle Africa’s Challenges

The founder of the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Prof. Neil Turok has heartily congratulated the AIMS-Cameroon 2019/2020 graduates for their hard work and excellent behavior which has produced a huge amount of success.

Prof. Neil Turok took time out of his busy schedule to address the AIMS-Cameroon 2019/2020 cohort on the 18th of May 2020 at exactly 8:30 pm, a planned surprise that left the graduates thrilled.

Moments after their graduation ceremony, the students, on instructions from the Academic Director, gathered in the lecture hall and were, indeed, pleased to have Prof. Neil on screen by means of video conferencing.

“It’s a pleasure to join you, congratulations on a successful year. You must be satisfied with the projects and courses you did and I know you are looking forward to going home and seeing your family”, he began.

Stating the current difficulties plaguing Africa and the world at large, and acknowledging the constant struggles associated with the African continent, Prof. Neil Turok, called on the graduates to remain steadfast and resilient.

You have to do things for yourselves, accept things the way they are, and strive to always move forward. You must have faced a lot of challenges before AIMS, continue fighting, and know that the challenges you face build more strength”, he advised.

He equally urged them to change the status quo by making use of Mathematics and Science for the benefit of all,  through tackling Africa’s challenges related to public health, Pollution, global warming, Covid-19, to name but these.

To draw the cotton, the AIMS founder thanked the AIMS-Cameroon staff for their support and advised the bright minds to seize the opportunity to interact with the global AIMS alumni family that stands at 2300 in number.

The highly interactive session ended with an opportunity for students to pose questions and express their thoughts. Speaking on behalf of the class, Blessing Ukamaka from Nigeria expressed appreciation to AIMS for the platform and thanked Prof. Neil Turok immensely for his kind words and counsel.

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