April 7, 2021

ACADEMICS: Marco’s Rhythm And Our Week-End Ways

The intense pressure that characterises our program is so nicely weaved into our daily lives, so much that you will never feel it until it’s weekend. For the students who arrive at the gates of our campus realizing only that, they finally are a stone throw away from the promise of Africa, there is never a hint of just how much life in the social realm is about to change for them.

They arrive taken by the beauty and glam of the AIMS Master’s and of course our pledge to help them learn and master the skills necessary to unlock and showcase the potential they have housed in them from birth. For them, it is the experience of diversity and the cultural exchange that lure them to us, after all there is no mathematics they have not seen before.

Shortly after arriving, when they have familiarised themselves with the food, people and culture of the place; Marco (our Academic Director) switches rhythms, introducing new mathematics with high intensity and tricky evaluations. A kind and subtle reminder they had not embarked on a safari trip, but rather on a sweet sweaty voyage in search of a bright future.

The Marco’s Rhythm ensures a week packed with rapid tests, and a week-end filled with assignments to enhance and evaluate a mastery of the material the students have been exposed to all week. With at least four courses running in parallel, students are guaranteed at least two breathtaking assignments to fill their weekend each week. Racing to the non-negotiable Sunday midnight deadline, in a learning enabling environment where a subtle competitive spirit garnishes our culture of working together, the students are certainly guaranteed a limited social interaction away from our center.

The payoff is however great, and rewarding in every respect. This Marco’s rhythm is what underscores the resilience of our students, and it is the reason we recommend you never miss a chance to recruit one or a shoot at applying to study at our center, a center where motivation is never in short supply and where a belief in your talent is never ending■

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