April 9, 2021

Prof. Martin Eichner Introduces Students To “Berkeley Madonna” Modelling Software

During a lecture on April 9th at AIMS Cameroon’s Centre of Excellence in Limbe, Prof. Martin Eichner introduced Master’s Degree students on Modelling using Berkeley Madonna; a mathematical modelling software package, developed at the University of California at Berkeley and designed to numerically solve systems of ordinary differential equations as fast as possible.

To enable the students easily understand the features of the software, Prof. Martin used examples. “I used very simple examples. One was about drugs in the bloodstream and the other one was about bacteria growth. So this was the first step for these students to learn about this new software which they can use in the weeks ahead and even for the rest of their lives to make very complicated Mathematics models. There are many other examples where you can use mathematical modelling such as the spread of epidemics, malaria or mosquitoes. You can also use it in Economics or Insurance. Everything that has some dynamics can be subject to mathematical modelling,” said Prof. Martin.

Earlier on April 6th, Prof. Martin invited his students after dinner to make “German Waffles”; a world-famous dessert.

Prof. Martin Eichner is one of the visiting lecturers at AIMS Cameroon. He is a Professor at the Clinical Faculty of Tübingen University, Germany. After doing field and laboratory work on Onchocerciasis in Cameroon, he graduated as a Biologist at Tubingen University, where he later earned a PhD in Mathematics. He also holds degrees in Epidemiology and Medical Biometry. His area of expertise is Mathematical Modeling of Dynamic Systems; Computer simulations; Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Parasitology and Statistical Data analysis■

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