April 7, 2021

Mathematics Students Produce TABLE MATS During Lesson Activity In Bafoussam

After earrings, 5eme C (Form II) students of Lycée Classique in Bafoussam have achieved another income-generating skill during a Mathematics assignment on Regular Polygon Shapes given by their AIMS TTP-trained Mathematics teacher Solange Foka. The December 17th-20th weekend assignment was to produce a set of Table Mats using a polygon shape of their choice.

“Let your imagination flow. I will come back to you on Monday to see the results of your assignment,” Solange Foka told her students.At home, the students used waste fabrics and carton paper to produce table mats in regular polygon shapes. “The students were creative. The students and their parents were very happy. Several parents told their kids to produce those table mats for their homes. It was a very good experience. Thank you AIMS,” Madam Solange Foka told AIMS TTP.

The displayed colourful sets of Table Mats in various sizes enlightened the students that Mathematics is no longer the dreaded subject with abstract terrifying equations but a friendly fun-filled subject which could be learned differently to get not only knowledge and attitudes but marketable skills that could solve household or community problems and augment income.

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