May 21, 2021

BHS Kumba Form 5 Students Determine Arithmetic Progression Using Matchsticks

Mathematics teacher ANYAH SAMUEL MEYA is teaching Mathematics differently in Baptist High School Kumba and this has not ceased to amaze his students. With lessons learnt on Class Management and Conception of Lesson Activities during his AIMS TTP training in Limbe, teacher Anya Samuel taught the Lesson “The Nth Term of an Arithmetic Progression” differently to Form 5 students.

He split the students into Six (6) Groups, each with a Group Leader, and distributed 16 matchsticks per Group. The students suddenly became excited and interested. “The students were anxious and curious to see how the experiment will unfold. The members of each group were instructed to arrange the sticks in square boxes, 6 in number. The groups were told to copy and complete an arithmetic progression table. The group leaders read out what their groups produced. Some groups had it correctly and they were asked to give the relationship or formula to generate the table.

Finally, the students in their various groups saw that the 6th term, n=6 was 19. So this was linked to the formula,” explained teacher Anya Samuel. Teacher Anya Samuel had learnt from his AIMS TTP training in Limbe that creating groups in class for each lesson activity did not only build enthusiasm and interest among the students but also promoted team work, with fast learners pulling along slow learners in conviviality while they find the solution.

As motivation, teacher Anyah scored another goal. “By the end of the lesson, the students were very happy and promising to continue to attend and participate in class especially the Arts students since they realized the lesson was very interesting,” he said. When Mathematics lessons are demystified using AIMS TTP methodology, even Arts students find the subject interesting.

AIMS TTP: Learning and Teaching Mathematics Differently.

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