September 4, 2021

Researchers NKONGHO AYUKETANG and EBOBENOW JOSEPH Assess Debuncha’s Wind Energy Potential

Limbe, the seat of AIMS Cameroon, is in the heart of the wet season. The city is situated 30km from Debuncha, the 6th wettest place in the world and second in Africa with an annual rainfall of 10,299mm, according to

While the search for renewable energy sources is top amongst priorities to local governments, two climate researchers have dared into the wind energy potential of Debuncha. AIMS Cameroon 2014 alumnus Nkongho Ayuketang Arreyndip and Ebobenow Joseph of the University of Buea co-authored a paper titled “Generalized Extreme Value Distribution Models for the Assessment of Seasonal Wind Energy Potential of Debuncha, Cameroon”.

They used the method of generalized extreme value family of distributions (Weibull, Gumbel, and Frechet) for the first time to assess the wind energy potential of Debuncha and to study the variation of energy over the seasons on this site.

The results showed that the wind power density of the wet season was higher than in the dry season and recommended the installation of low cut-in wind turbines like the Savonius or Aircon (10 KW) for stand-alone low energy need. This study could guide the local government authority to generate renewable energy for the Debuncha community.

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