November 30, 2023

Election of Class Representatives: Class of 2023

An election being one of the essential pillars of democracy, it is through this democratic system that AIMS Cameroon students choose two representatives of their choice who they feel have the capability to become leaders and ensure the class (a cohort of students) actively participates in the management of their educational environment. A transparent election process is organized each year  and the elected class representatives are given the opportunity to showcase their leadership skills as they will act as intermediary between their peers and the AIMS administration. The current academic year (2023-2024) election took place on November 1, 2023 and Beatrice Nyawa Chilonga (Zambia) and Abdel Mouaji Njikam Malik (Cameroon) emerged victorious.

Four (4) students were contestants in the 1 November election: two women (Ruth Mbikang Nji and Beatrice Nyawa Chilonga) and two men (Abdel Mouaji Njikam Malik and Landry Ulrich Tidjon Dada). Each contestant was given 4 minutes to perform their prepared speech in order to convince the audience (made of their peers) to vote for them.  After the speeches, questions were asked for clarity and the voting materials were distributed to the students under the supervision of tutors and staff to ensure transparency. The latter also oversaw the counting of votes and publication of results.

Congratulations to all candidates for their participation, and especially to Landry and Béatrice for their victories! AIMS Cameroon is looking forward to seeing how the elected representatives will implement their proposals to improve our school community.

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