December 18, 2023

Fun Swimming Pool Outing with AIMS Lecturers and Students in Limbe

Limbe, with its scenic beaches and attractive swimming pools, witnessed today, 18 December 2023, an unconventional gathering that brought together AIMS-Cameroon lecturers and their eager students around a swimming pool, allowing them to seamlessly blend the joy of water activities with their shared love for mathematics, courtesy of Prof Julia Mortera, Prof Walter Van Assche and Prof. Eddy Kwessi.

Indeed, after a hardworking week tackling problems in various courses including Bayesian Statistical Inference  with Prof. Julia Mortera, Functional Analysis with Prof. Eddy Armand Kwessy and  Approximation & Interpolation with Prof. Walter Van Assche , all participants traded textbooks for swimsuits as everyone headed to the pool for an afternoon of sheer enjoyment, demonstrating the harmonious balance mathematicians find between intellectual pursuits and the joy of living in the moment. 

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