February 17, 2024

Empowering African Women in STEM: Celebrating the Impactful Journey of Prof. Nancy Ann Neudauer

We are thrilled to spotlight Prof. Nancy Ann Neudauer, whose remarkable journey and impactful initiatives have been instrumental in shaping the future of African women in STEM.

Nancy is a member of AIMS-Cameroon Advisory Council; a visiting lecturer teaching a course on Graphs, Matroids, and Designs; and a Professor of Mathematics at Pacific University, USA. She will also be teaching a course on Mathematical Problem Solving later this month at AIMS-South Africa. Four-time recipient of a Fulbright Specialist Award and also a Fulbright Global Scholars Award, Prof. Neudauer has used the grants to visit different AIMS centers (South Africa, Cameroon, Ghana, Rwanda, and Tanzania) and organized at AIMS South Africa several workshops titled “Women in Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications” and “Research of Women in Mathematics”, with the aim to develop a network of African women with common mathematical interests and to increase the visibility of women in mathematics to African students, researchers and professors.

Nancy has indeed not only excelled in her own career, but has also dedicated herself to paving the way for aspiring African mathematicians, particularly women and girls, to thrive in the field.

As we conclude a week-long celebration of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, join us in applauding Prof. Nancy Ann Neudauer as well as like minded people, for their dedication to fostering diversity and inclusion in science, especially on the African continent.

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