March 23, 2024

Celebrating Diversity in Creativity: Unveiling the Winning Team & Slogan of “The Quest for AIMS New Slogan” Challenge

We are thrilled to announce the triumphant conclusion of the AIMS Global Network recent challenge, “The Quest for AIMS New Slogan“, where innovation, diversity, and creativity merged to shape a new narrative for our collective journey. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the exceptional team of eight AIMS-Cameroon students, made of 02 women and 06 men, for their exceptional accomplishment. It is worth noting that this winning team was led by David Krame Kadurha from the Democratic Republic of Congo and comprises three members from Cameroon (Donald Taboua, Dorcas Daniella Ebedi Nding and Florent Onana Assouga); two members from Chad (Batbaina Guikoura and Guinba Francine Djourkine); one member from Nigeria (Frank Kitta’an Amos); and last but not least, one member from Madagascar (Laurent Missayael Randriatsitohaina).

At the heart of this success lies the celebration of inclusion, diversity and collaborative work. With team members including both men and women, and hailing from different corners of Africa, each member bringing unique perspectives, experiences, and insights to the table, the winning team exemplifies the power of collaboration across borders.

The journey began with a simple yet profound question: “What defines AIMS?” With passion igniting their spirits, our multicultural team embarked on a quest to encapsulate the essence of AIMS identity in a single phrase. Through countless brainstorming sessions and debates, they skillfully explored many ideas to find one that truly reflects the AIMS vision.

After weeks of meticulous deliberation over more than 60 applications received from the whole AIMS community including lecturers, staff, students and tutors, the board of AIMS Centre Presidents selected the winning slogan, which for them, encapsulates the spirit of unity, innovation, and progress that defines AIMS. The winning slogan, “In Africa’s Youth, the Future of Science”, was officially unveiled on March 22 in Muizenberg, at the closing ceremony of the AIMS 20th anniversary (Siyakhula festival), by Prof. Neil Turok, Chair of the AIMS International Governing Board and AIMS Founder.

Today, as we raise our glasses in celebration, let us not only applaud the remarkable achievement of our winning team but also acknowledge the dedication, passion, and creativity of every participant who contributed to this remarkable journey. Each idea, no matter how big or small, played a pivotal role in shaping our collective narrative, reminding us that true greatness lies in the sum of our collective efforts.

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