March 29, 2024

Inspiring Inclusion: International Women’s Day Celebration at AIMS-Cameroon

Students, tutors, lecturers, and staff of AIMS-Cameroon united on Friday, March 8, to commemorate the 2024 International Women’s Day, themed “Inspire Inclusion.” The event, hosted on campus, featured an array of engaging activities, including skits, a musical performance, speeches, and a captivating keynote address delivered by Ndi Nancy Saiboh, CEO of Actions for Development and Empowerment.

Nancy Ndi, a solid advocate for anti-corruption and good governance, drew from her life experiences to inspire students to pursue ideas that can ignite positive change. Emphasizing the significance of dreaming big, maintaining focus, and believing in one’s aspirations, Nancy conveyed that despite the challenges along the path to success, perseverance remains paramount. Nancy’s guidance resonated deeply, encouraging students to cultivate confidence in their ideas and to navigate forward with unwavering determination. Furthermore, the Student Development & Cooperative Education Manager (SDCM), James Njong, underscored the imperative for tangible actions to advance gender equality, echoing the sentiment that progress demands more than mere rhetoric.

The event culminated with heartfelt appreciation extended to the guest speaker, faculty, students, and staff, exemplifying a spirit of gratitude and recognition for their contributions. The Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Honore B. Youfegnuy, commended the students for their exceptional talents showcased through musical performances and skits, reinforcing the institute’s commitment to fostering a culture of empowerment and inclusivity.

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