Co-operative Masters Degree

AIMS, in partnership with The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program, offers an 17-month Co-operative Master’s Program at AIMS Cameroon, AIMS Senegal and AIMS Rwanda. This builds on the core AIMS Master’s Program and leads to the AIMS Cooperative Master’s Degree in Mathematical Sciences.

Co-operative Education, or Work-Integrated Learning (WIL), is an approach to education that integrates class-based learning into an authentic, work-based context. It is a professional stream within the existing Master’s program that provides students with a combination of academic training at AIMS and ‘hands-on’ work experience in a professional work environment enabling them to develop valuable work skills and successfully transition from school to progressive careers.

The 17-month program takes a work-integrated learning approach by combining course work with practical industry experience. This allows students to apply their scientific knowledge to real world problems while gaining work experience in an industrial environment. The program enables students to develop the necessary professional skills to transition from academic studies to progressive careers in industry (defined as private or public businesses, government, non-governmental organisations, and civil society). The Co-operative Master’s Program entails some months (at least 4 months) industry internship combined with research aimed at problem-solving for the host industry, based on mathematical sciences. Successful completion of all coursework (of the on the core AIMS Master’s Program) and internship placement is required for graduation.