December 10, 2020

Cinema As A Vector For Science Dissemination

The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences, AIMS Cameroon and “Making Science The Star” recently joined forces to organise an exciting event aimed at exploring the cinema as a vector for spreading the message of Science in a way that projects the importance of Science in the African community.

Hosted on Thursday, December 10, 2020, at the AIMS Cameroon’s Crystal Gardens premises, the event themed: “Science and You”, brought together several talents including mathematicians, filmmakers, actors, researchers, and industry experts who rallied in support of the initiative that was conceived by the AIMS Cameroon’s Research Center led by Dr. Jean-Daniel Djida, Dr. Stephane Kenmoe of “Making Science The Star”, and the AIMS Cameroon Industry Initiative.

The event enabled the stakeholders to also ask and attempt answers to questions on how the cinema can be leveraged by the science community in general and mathematicians in particular to improve public perception of the subject and its usability in business.

Another major highlight of the event was a Panel Discussion on the topic “The Cinema as a Vector for Science Dissemination and Science in the Industry”. Panelists explored some of the facets of scientific storytelling to enhance Science Communication and the barriers to the employment of Mathematics graduates in non-academic institutions.

One of the key speakers and panelists was the Theoretical physicist Kenmoe Stephane whose goal is to bring science to everyday life through filming, entertaining and educational videos. One of his popular educational videos is the series “Science in the City” which runs on YouTube. Under the banner of “Making Science The Star”, his commitment to science communication is being recognized.

AIMS Cameroon Research Center led by Dr. Jean-Daniel Djida was co-organizing the event. Dr. Jean-Daniel Djida explained that the overreaching goal of AIMS Cameroon and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is to contribute to Africa’s transformation by supporting outstanding research in the field of Mathematical Sciences with emphasis on those areas that promote development and prosperity in Africa.

“As far as the Research Center is concerned, we encourage research freedom with researchers conducting research that will impact humanity; support local and global strategic-driven initiatives, forecast, and respond to emerging challenges and opportunities in various mathematical research areas. In this regard, the AIMS-Cameroon Research Center together with Dr. Stephane Kenmoe of “Making Science The Star”, and the AIMS-Cameroon Industry Initiative, decided to organize this event which highlights the importance of Science and encourages Africa’s community to invest in Sciences. This event equally fosters outstanding research and learning in the field of Mathematical Sciences thereby contributing to the next generation of pan-African leaders in many spheres as well as the advancement of African science and academia within a multicultural environment” said Dr. Djida.