July 2, 2019

AIMS Hosts CIMPA SCHOOL: Sessions in Algebraic Geometry, Number Theory, Robotic Kinematics

CIMPA School ( July 2-13, 2019): The CIMPA School offers an intensive teaching session to graduate students and young researchers in the fields of Algebraic Geometry, Number Theory, Applications in Cryptography and Robot kinematics.This course will provide elements needed for the applications in cryptography and robot kinematics which will be developed at the end of the school.The goal of this course is for every participant to be able to select a suitable hyperelliptic curve $C$ for constructing some cryptosystems based on the discrete logarithm problem in its Jacobian $J_C$.To know more about this course, please click on the link below:https://www.prema-a.org/cimpa- school-limbe/